Recycling Prices & Signup

Green Solutions offers curbside pickup, both commercial and residential, for all of

Grand County, Utah.

We apologize, but at this time we can not service Pack Creek, Thompson, Monticello,

La Sal, or Green River.

If looking for a commercial contract, please contact us so we can determine your needs and provide you with an accurate quote.

Residential Pricing is available below. Use the Sign-Up form below to register your address for curbside pickup recycling. Once your form is submitted, and address verified, we will deliver a recycling bin and add you to the route. You will receive your first bill after the first pickup.

Yearly: $150/year (1 bin) w/ e-billing or $156/yr (1 bin) w/ mailed billing

Monthly: $12.50/mo (1 bin) w/ e-billing or $13/mo (1 bin) w/ mailed billing

2 Bins: $20/month, $240 annually

Green Solutions is excited to bring your location on board! Please fill out the form below to begin recycling pick up!

  • Please indicate how you would like to receive your bill. You may pay your bill via online or by mailing in a check. The above is only in reference to how we will notify you of your balance due. If choosing by email, we will use the email address specified above. If you would like us to bill you at a different email address, please provide that in the special instructions section below.
  • If there is anything pertinent about your pick up location to know (like needing extra bins), please tell us here.
  • Please let us know how you heard about Green Solutions!